Shifting the comparison axis

In Gesellschaft und Wirtschaft we find 100 showcases of Isotype usage. The title of chart number 64 of is ‘Staatsausgaben’, or public expenditure.Public expenditure

Per country we see the relative expenses on 7 different topics. Each circle represents 4% of the total expenses. A vertical axis divides the topics in a left and right part. This makes it possible to compare countries with respect to the grouping on the left and grouping on the right. Then the user can ‘zoom in’ and view how each group is subdivided into 2 respectively 5 topics.

There is probably a well-thought reasoning behind the groupings, but unfortunately, I don’t see it.

The diagram ressembles a stacked bar chart. A known problem with stacked charts is that it is difficult to compare similar variables between series. On my other blog I already showed an interactive way to compare stacked bar charts.

In this post I demonstrate a way to compare variables between countries. The application provides the following interactive features to the original chart:

  • shift the vertical axis
  • highlight the topic to the right of the axis
  • show numerical percentage through tooltips

Highlighting the topic to the right of the axis:

Visit the DEMO.

I changed a couple of things of the original work:

  • I added new colors to provide for a larger number of variables.
  • I changed the order of the original colors, because the original clustering of the first two variables is no longer needed.

The data can be found at the OECD.

Some interesting things to notice on the data:

  • Iceland’s spending on defence is less than 0.1%
  • Iceland and Israel each spend twice as much on education as Greece


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